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Selina K. Bell, Amy Casey, Tom Colin, Tina Malhotra

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    • Collaborative leadership that leverages our experience and good judgment
    • Fiscally responsible budgets that invest in our students and schools
    • Inclusive, compassionate policies that put student needs first
    • Academic standards that inspire students to grow and excel
    • Continuous improvement and innovation
    • Graduates who make a positive impact on society

          Selina K. Bell


          • 12-year Ridgefield resident
          • Parent of three Ridgefield graduates
          • Owner & Consultant, The Pieceful Child, special needs & learning disabilities
          • Co-Director, CT Citizens for Science
          • Children’s health advocate at state level (what is the bill?)
          • Successfully led initiatives to pass positive legislation impacting children’s health (what is the bill?)
          • Former Owner, multi-million dollar IT consulting firm
          • Committed to collaboration to generate beneficial change for all students
          • Georgia Southern College & Georgia State University

          Why I'm Running

          As a twelve-year resident of Ridgefield, I am honored to be nominated to run for Board of Education. In our polarized world, I believe it is important to keep politics out of our local educational decisions. When partisanship invades BOE discussions, our children’s health, education, and extracurricular opportunities suffer.

          I have worn various hats in my lifetime, and have learned many lessons. As owner of an IT consulting firm, I have experience in employee management and deployment; as co-director of the non-profit, CT Citizens for Science, I have successfully advocated for student-centered legislation at the state level, and as a mother of three daughters who went through Ridgefield Public Schools, I know first-hand the challenges parents and students face in our complex world.

          My children’s own experiences have helped me understand how to navigate the various aspects of Ridgefield’s education system. I truly recognize how daunting it can be to stare down at a 12-page IEP, the tears of relief when they win that academic scholarship, the excitement, work and frustration that come with STEM awards, and the many other achievements big and small that mean so much to students and parents.

          I will reach across the table to work with those who wish to generate beneficial change for our children. I strongly believe that setting politics aside will allow us to listen openly, objectively, and compassionately. This is absolutely critical to further the best interests of all Ridgefield students.

          Though I appreciate the excellence we currently have in Ridgefield Public Schools, I understand that there is always room for improvement. Growth happens best when we learn from the past. I am eager to be part of the exciting opportunities we can offer our Ridgefield students.

          Academic excellence has always been a focus for Ridgefield Public Schools.  I also believe that, now more than ever, our children need to learn empathy, thoughtfulness, and balance. Success is more than a report card. My greatest reason for running for Board of Education is to improve students’ lives: academically, socially, and emotionally, and to make a lasting difference for those who come after us.

          I have the pleasure of running with three passionate and qualified teammates: Amy Hall Casey, Thomas Colin, and Tina Malhotra. I hope you will support all of us by voting line A on November 2nd. Thank you

          Amy Casey


          • 8-year Ridgefield resident
          • Parent of 4 RPS students
          • Former science teacher, chemistry, environmental science & neuroscience
          • Former Program Officer, Fulbright East Asia & Pacific
          • Former Equity Options Trader, American Stock Exchange & Goldman Sachs
          • Educator, Keeler Tavern Museum
          • Ridgefield Arts Council member since 2015, administrator of the Arts Council Scholarship.
          • Experienced marine science diver, educator & researcher; wildlife sanctuary conservationist
          • BA, Gettysburg College
          • MA, New York University

          Why I'm Running

          I’m running for Ridgefield’s Board of Education because I believe in the power of excellent education. My husband and I chose to raise our four children in Ridgefield because we were attracted to its small-town values, its sense of community, and its excellent school system.

          My professional background as a securities trader and public school teacher makes me a good fit for the BOE. As a trader, I was tasked with making sophisticated, time-sensitive decisions based on data. As a public school teacher, I combined whole child development with individualized instruction, and learned the importance of evidence-based programming.

          My interest in the BOE is a natural progression from my past volunteer positions, including as an educator at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. Most recently, I have volunteered for the past six years for the Ridgefield Arts Council, for which I was instrumental in creating the Ridgefield Arts Scholarship, and have administered since its inception.

          My educational background spans the disciplines of biology, marine sciences, and education with a strong emphasis on math and data analysis. I have spent time analyzing fish population data for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.) and researching the effects of pollution on mud snail populations at the Duke University Marine Lab. I have also volunteered as a research diver in Madagascar where I collected data on fish and coral populations to be used to establish Marine Protected Areas.

          My background in science, education, and finance means I am dedicated to being an objective, open-minded collaborator on the BOE. My focus will be on creating policies based on facts, policies that will work best for all students, and policies that include creating fiscally responsible school budgets.

          I have the pleasure of running with three passionate and qualified teammates: Selina Bell, Tom Colin, and Tina Malhotra. I hope you will support all of us by voting Line A on November 2nd. Thank you.

          Tom Colin


          • 25-year Ridgefield resident
          • Parent of three Ridgefield graduates
          • Partner, Siegel, Colin & Kaufman
          • Former Connecticut Superior Court Judge, Criminal & Family Court
          • Experienced mediator, arbitrator and negotiator
          • Professor, Quinnipiac Law School
          • Head Coach, Ridgefield Basketball Association, youth baseball and SCOR
          • Teacher, Search & Seizure at Ridgefield Citizens Police Academy
          • Member of St. Mary’s Parish
          • BA, Long Island University/CW Post
          • JD, St. John’s University School of Law

          Why I'm Running

          I love Ridgefield. I have raised my family here. I love the community, the way Ridgefield feels, looks and is. I love our schools, our church, our restaurants, and shopping local. My three children have benefited greatly from being raised in Ridgefield and going through the Ridgefield Public Schools. My experience in public service as a judge, attorney and advocate along with my personal passion for Ridgefield make me uniquely qualified for the Board of Education.

          Over my 25 years in Ridgefield, in all aspects of my life, I have been focused on children. I have coached youth soccer, baseball, basketball and mock trial. Professionally, I have represented children in court as their attorney, have presided over family and criminal court, and have spent the past eight years as a law school professor. I am devoted to the proposition that all children in Ridgefield deserve the same wonderful experience my family had. Simply put, my candidacy is about giving back to the town that is given my family so much.

          As a member of the Board of Education, I will apply my skills as a former Superior Court Judge and current lawyer, negotiator and analyst to insure the BOE creates inclusive policies that support all students. I will bring my passion for collaboration to create fiscally responsible budgets that invest in keeping our schools vibrant and innovative.

          My professional background allows me to be objective, yet compassionate. My philosophy is to listen to all important points of view, deliberate thoughtfully, use common sense, and do the right thing for the students, the school district and the taxpayers of our great community.

          I have the pleasure of running with three passionate and qualified teammates: Selina Bell, Amy Hall Casey and Tina Malhotra I hope you will support all of us by voting Line A on November 2nd. Thank you.

          Tina Malhotra


          • 9-year Ridgefield resident
          • Current BOE member since November 2020
          • Parent of one RPS student
          • President, Ridgefield Lions Heart
          • Co-Chair, Ridgefield Prevention Council
          • Member, Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse
          • Committee Member, Kids in Crisis “Have a Heart Committee”
          • Former Advocacy Chair, RHS PTSA
          • Former President, Ridgefield PTA Council
          • VP, Ridgefield Education Foundation
          • Former management for family business that included running of large farm estate, distilleries and breeding of polo ponies.
          • BA, St.Stephens College, New Delhi, India
          • MBA, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

          Why I'm Running

          I am running for the Board of Education because I am passionate about education, our town and community. We moved to Ridgefield for its excellent education and warm community and over the years, Ridgefield has become an extended family.

          I have been a resident of Ridgefield for eight years. We moved when my son was just starting first grade and this town has become our home. I grew up in England, in a very different education system, so I began volunteering as a way to understand American public education in Ridgefield Public Schools.

          I discovered through my various volunteer roles in PTAs that my passion is being part of a community where I can use my voice to represent my fellow stakeholders for the benefit of all students. Joining the Board of Education in 2020 was a natural progression.  My many PTA roles have taught me to deeply respect the needs of parents and students, and how to work collaboratively for common goals.  In addition, PTA volunteering exposed me to other Town boards, leaders and the wider community, further broadening my perspective.

          My unique multi-cultural background helps me connect to families of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, and I bring this global perspective to my decision-making on the BOE.

          In addition to my community involvement in Ridgefield, I have worked for my family businesses spread across Scotland and India, managing hundreds of employees, million dollar budgets, and international marketing.

          Both PTA leadership and BOE leadership have an important value in common: we work to put the needs of all children first, while striving to keep education evolving and improving. This has been and will continue to be my overarching goal as a BOE member.

          I have the pleasure of running with three passionate and qualified teammates: Selina Bell, Amy Casey, and Tom Colin. I hope you will support all of us by voting Line A on November 2nd. Thank you.

          Election day is November 2nd, 2021

          Leading • Caring • Results