About Us

We are the local Democratic Party organization in Ridgefield, CT. We are ordinary citizens striving to improve our town, our state, our country and our world through community engagement and political involvement at every level, but particularly in our lovely home town of Ridgefield. We recruit and support Democratic Party candidates for election to local, state and national office. In all these efforts we cooperate and coordinate with the Connecticut Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party. We hold regularly scheduled meetings once each month, and conduct caucuses for the nomination of Democratic Party candidates for local office.

Contact Us

EMAIL: communications@ridgefielddems.org
PHONE: 203-403-7080
MAIL: PO Box 1212, Ridgefield, CT 06877-1212


  • ALEX HARRIS, Chair
  • JOE DOWDELL, Treasurer
  • ANGELA LIPTACK, Recording Secretary
  • JOSEPH SHAPIRO, Corresponding Secretary

Subcommittee Chairs

  • Arny DiLaura, Data Director
  • Nathan Shapiro, Deputy Data Director
  • Glori Norwitt, Recruiting chair
  • Ellen Darvick & Karen Sulzinsky, Fundraising co-chairs
  • Joseph Shapiro & Ellen Darvick, Infrastructure co-chairs
  • Joseph Shapiro, Rules chair
  • Temi Bova, Democratic View editor
  • Cameron Cole Carcelén, Social Media coordinator
  • Susan Cocco, Campaign chair


  • Geoff Bartlett
  • Maureen Bartlett
  • Aimee Berger-Girvalo
  • Temi Bova
  • Kelly Breckenridge
  • Cameron Cole Carcelén
  • Susan Cocco
  • Sky Cole
  • Ellen Darvick
  • Arnold DiLaura
  • Joe Dowdell
  • Alex Harris
  • Keitha Kinne
  • Betty Kloth
  • Angela Liptack
  • Rudy Marconi
  • Glori Norwitt
  • Mark Seavy
  • Joe Shapiro
  • Nathan Shapiro
  • Sylvia Steinert
  • Karen Sulzinsky
  • Alisa Tractenberg