Barbara: Why I’m Running for BOS

My name is Barbara Manners and I am running for re-elction to the Board of Selectmen.

Hardly a day passes when I am not reminded multiple times of what a terrific town we live in. We have so many cultural and recreational resources here, The Ridgefield Playhouse, The Prospector, CHIRP, the expanded Library, Founders Hall, The Recreation Center, Tiger Hollow, the new sports complex on Governor St, The Aldrich & Keeler museums.  We have excellent schools, a beautiful downtown and many residents who volunteer their time to help make Ridgefield even better.  We have a town government, led by Rudy Marconi and staffed with some incredible employees who work hard to be inclusive.  Our town’s leaders seek out our opinions and weigh our responses. We don’t always get what we want, but we always get a chance to be heard, through public hearings, town meetings, referenda, surveys, and by just walking through our First Selectman’s open door.  You may say that’s the way town government should be. And you are right.  But I remember years when it was not.  I originally ran for office because I felt it was not.  Fortunately, in the last sixteen years with Rudy Marconi at the helm and me beside him we have made it far more participatory.

Is everything perfect? Not by a long shot! We all recognize that.  All the above assets, many of which were the result of public/private partnerships between the town and its many benefactors, has resulted in frustrating traffic jams downtown and more frequent parking problems.  These, in addition to resolving the use of the Schlumberger acreage and planning a healthy retail and living area in Branchville, are our priorities for the next term.  But by working openly, with the community’s participation, with the addition of Steve Zemo, who has a background in both development and planning, to the Board of Selectmen, I am confident we can make progress toward resolving them. We can stimulate a healthier downtown and continue to enrich life in Ridgefield. Steve, Rudy and I worked well together when Steve spent two earlier terms on the Board.  With years of additional experience under our belts I am confident we can do even more good for the town.

For all these reasons, I ask for your support and vote for me, Barbara Manners, and my teammates Rudy Marconi and Steve Zemo.