Berger-Girvalo Outshines GOP Opponent in Debate

In their 1-on-1 debate broadcast live Monday evening, Oct 19, 2020, on Danbury Channel 23, Aimee Berger-Girvalo handily outshone her GOP opponent and proved beyond any possible doubt that she is by far the best candidate to represent Ridgefield’s 111th District in the Connecticut House of Representatives. Berger-Girvalo also decisively outclassed her GOP opponent in the multi-race legislative candidate forum sponsored by League of Women Voters in late September, but the Oct. 19 1-on-1 debate demonstrated the crucial differences far more starkly.

On community knowledge, connection to the priorities and sentiments of Town residents, policy depth and understanding, and every other factor important for a state representative, Aimee easily “cleared the bar”, while her opponent struggled to appear informed and in-touch.

Click the photo below to watch the complete, unabridged video on Berger-Girvalo’s website and then vote Democratic — “Line A All the Way” — in this crucial election.