Sutherland Impressive in BOF Candidates Debate

The Sept 24 Board of Finance (BOF) candidates debate left no doubt that Ridgefield needs to reelect Democrat Paul Sutherland, along with his Democratic majority teammates Dave Ulmer and Jessica Mancini, on November 3. The debate provided many useful insights, but especially underscored Paul’s impressive knowledge, deep expertise and prudent judgment regarding town finances.

Two exchanges of particular note, illustrated that Paul and his Democratic teammates are far and away the best candidates. At about minute 30, GOP candidate Mike Raduazzo incorrectly stated that Board of Education “has to spend” any money left over at the end of the year; at around minute 33, Paul corrected Mike, noting not only that Board of Ed can return unspent money to the town, but in fact should return unspent funds and typically does every year.

Then, near the end of the debate, at about minute 48, Paul asked both GOP candidates if they disagreed with any decision made by the Democratic majority-led the Board of Finance over the last 4 years. GOP candidate Raduazzo criticized a decision made by the voters, not by the Board of Finance; GOP candidate Alex Karsanidi said there wasn’t any BOF decision with which he disagreed. Check out the video below.