Manners & Zemo Rule BOS Candidates Debate

Barbara Manners and Steve Zemo acquitted themselves stupendously during the October 1 Board of Selectmen candidates debate, expounding knowledgeably and with great candor and prudence about matters important to the Town of Ridgefield.

An interesting exchange occurred about 20 minutes into the debate. GOP incumbent Andy Bodner suggested shuttering Ridgefield’s iconic Town Hall.  Both Steve and Barbara challenged Bodner, noting that Town Hall is an integral anchor of village charm,  as well as a vital engine of downtown economic development.

Losing Town Hall would be a terrible blow that would forever diminish the village’s unique and quaint character. The country is dotted with thousands of faceless, characterless towns — to ensure Ridgefield doesn’t become another one, elect Barbara and Steve on November 3.

To view the exchange, click the video below advance to minute 20.