Contribute Online to Ridgefield Charities

The Friends of Ridgefield Community Programs Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization, has established online contribution pages for four local Ridgefield charities. Contributions are tax deductible and the proceeds of each donation will be distributed to contributor’s specified charity.

Ridgefield Food Pantry & Emergency Fund is wholly financed by donations and is operated by the Ridgefield Dept. of Social Services. The Fund purchases food certificates, home heating fuel, electricity, clothing, and other basic needs for financially distressed local residents. To contribute, click Ridgefield Food Pantry & Emergency Fund.

Ridgefield Holiday Trust Fund was established by the Town of Ridgefield in in 1999 to raise money to support traditional community events such as the holiday lights and the Halloween Walk. To contribute, click Ridgefield Holiday Trust Fund.

Ridgefield Bark Park Lighting Fund was recently established to fund the installation of new lighting at the Ridgefield Bark Park. To contribute, click Ridgefield Bark Park Lighting Fund.

CHIRP is an acronym for Concert Happenings in Ridgefield’s Parks and was begun in the summer of 2002 to foster a stronger sense of community among residents and to enhance Ridgefield’s much treasured “small town feel.” Its concerts seek to bring townspeople together in a relaxed atmosphere comfortable for people of every economic strata, age bracket and ethnicity. Its mission is to afford them the opportunity to hear and hopefully to enjoy a variety of world and alternative music only infrequently performed in this area. To contribute, click CHIRP.