Decency, Honesty, Integrity

By Joe Shapiro

Ridgefield ballot Row A lists Vice President Joe Biden/Senator Kamala Harris, Congressman Jim Himes, State Senator Will Haskell, and either 111th District State Representative candidate Aimee Berger-Girvalo or 138th District State Representative Kenneth Gucker. Ridgefield Democrats urge you to color every oval on Row A (no others).

Combining presidential, congressional, state senate, and state assembly contests, this election is about many things, but just three words.

Nationally, it is about restoring virtue and competence in the presidency, accountability and productivity in Congress, legitimacy and reason in the judiciary, and rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. In Connecticut, it is about extending Democratic-initiated reforms that have dramatically strengthened Connecticut’s fiscal and economic outlook in recent years, have funded massive liabilities accumulated mostly under Republican governors, and have safeguarded the state’s Rainy Day Fund from short-sighted Republican raiding. And it is about Connecticut implementing support and recovery programs like tax credits for seniors, families, students, and local businesses.  It’s about ensuring and enhancing local excellence for all public school students, bringing paid family and medical leave to Connecticut, recalibrating our economy for continuous prosperity, and building upon on best-in-nation gun safety laws that Connecticut achieved last year.

Ultimately, though, this election is about three words: decency, honesty, integrity.

Biden-Harris, Himes, Haskell, Berger-Girvalo, and Gucker live those words’ authentic meanings. The distinction between Democrats and Republicans on those standards is painfully obvious in the Biden-Harris campaign for the White House, but no less real down ballot.

Congressman Himes is a paragon, recognized throughout our district and nationally for thoughtful leadership, dedication, compassion, competence, honesty, and integrity. His great successes stem from his practice of these virtues on behalf of our district and our country.

State Senator Haskell, State Representative candidate Berger-Girvalo, and State Representative Gucker are operationalizing those virtues on behalf of all in our community with their commitments to fortifying state law such as protections against gun violence. 

Their Republican opponents – Kim Healy, Bob Hebert, Emile Buzaid – have not campaigned with decency, honesty, integrity. Last week, Hebert told the CT Mirror that he supports Trump’s reelection, and that he hides his support from voters. Healy, Hebert, and Buzaid focused their campaigns on the purely fictitious, dog-whistle issues of imminent state fiscal collapse, forced school regionalization, and prohibition of single-family zoning – this despite the fact that State Senator Haskell led the fight against school regionalization, and Berger-Girvalo and Gucker share Haskell’s strong views on this and on local zoning protection. 

Haskell, Berger-Girvalo, and Gucker will represent Ridgefield’s interests and values with decency, honesty, and integrity.  They will accelerate the Democratic-initiated fiscal discipline that led to Connecticut being commended by independent bond-ratings agencies as one of the states best positioned to emerge from the pandemic and economic crisis. They are committed to sound economic policies to ensure our town and state will be able to deliver educational excellence and economic prosperity.

For our nation, our state, and especially our town, please Vote Row A, All the Way.

Joe Shapiro is chair of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee, which provides this column.