Video: Democrats Outclass Republicans at LWV Candidate Forum

The Ridgefield League of Women Voters’ candidate forum on September 27, highlighted immense quality differences between the Democrats and Republicans vying to represent Ridgefield in the Connecticut State Legislature.

On the Democratic side, State Representative Aimee Berger-Girvalo (111th House District), State Senator Julie Kushner (24th Senate District), Ceci Maher (26th Senate District), and Keith Denning (42nd House District) responded directly, substantively, and knowledgeably to attendee-submitted questions reflecting voters’ top concerns. They offered forward-thinking solutions and factual responses to matters of crucial interest to Ridgefield voters, including reproductive freedom, gun violence prevention, middle class affordability, economic growth, fiscal sustainability, climate change, and enhanced access to healthcare and mental health resources. 

In stark contrast, the Republican candidates responded to most questions with evasive statements, offering neither fact-based descriptions of current conditions nor any workable solutions.

State Representative Berger-Girvalo, State Senator Kushner, Maher, and Denning outclassed their counterparts. Click below to view a recording of the entire debate to witness the Democrats’ plainly greater competence and candor.