For Board of Education

In Stories by Doug Silver, Margaret Stamatis, Kathleen Holz, & Carina Borgia-Drake

The November 7th election is important to the future of the Ridgefield Public Schools.

The Democratic Board of Education slate of Silver, Stamatis, Holz, Borgia-Drake is comprised of four passionate and experienced professionals who are qualified to serve our community. We bring a balanced approach to the differing needs and opinions in our community as we seek to provide the best school system possible for Ridgefield with the fiscal responsibility to ensure the town’s support. We believe that quality schools increase our ability to attract new families to Ridgefield and maintain our property values.

We are passionate and experienced professionals with complementary qualifications who understand the challenges facing our local education system.

Doug Silver has been a strong advocate for transparency and continuous improvement during his current term on the BOE. His experience as an educator, published educational researcher and an ed-tech software executive bring a deep understanding of the complex issues facing our schools. A parent of a RHS graduate and a RHS Senior, Doug’s perspective on the range of student experiences in our schools is a strong asset to our current BOE.

Margaret Stamatis is an incumbent who has been an active part of strategic planning on the BOE.  She applies her critical thinking training as an attorney, and her collaborative style as a marketer to the policies and planning of the BOE.  She is a former President of the Ridgefield Council of PTA’s and an active leader in community organizations focused on our youth. She is a parent of four children who are current students or graduates of Ridgefield schools. Through all of these lenses, she has a variety of perspectives on the Ridgefield Public School experience and its strengths and weaknesses, making her a valuable member on our current BOE.

Kathleen Holz has extensive experience in both independent and public schools.  She recently retired after forty-plus years as a teacher and administrator and is committed to giving back to the Ridgefield community. Her passion for best teaching practices will provide the Board with another strong voice for maintaining a quality education for all students.  As an experienced educator, she understands the complexity of issues facing schools today. Being the parent of a 2016 RHS graduate has provided Kathleen insight into the high school students’ experience.

Carina Borgia-Drake is an oncology nurse with experience in teaching hospitals.  She is a public education advocate for policies improving instruction for all students. She is committed to research-based best practices and transparent communication with the community.  As the parent of two elementary school students, Carina understands the current needs of our youngest students and their families.

Each of us is committed to facing the challenges ahead with a determination to make informed, thoughtful decisions that are in the best interests of students, families and the town.  Our experience will help us to understand the complexity and implications of the issues we face. Our balanced approach will help us to listen and be responsive to our community.  We ask for your support and vote in the November 7th election for the Board of Education.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column. The authors are the 2017 Democratic Party candidates for Ridgefield Board of Education.