National Gun Violence Awareness Day is June 2

On January 21st, 2013, Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old high school student from the south side of Chicago, marched in President Obama’s 2nd inaugural parade. One week later, Hadiya was shot and killed.

Orange is the color a group of Hadiya’s friends chose to wear to remember her life. They chose orange because that’s what hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others.

What started in a south side high school to celebrate Hadiya has turned into a nationwide movement to honor all lives cut short by gun violence. Wear Orange is also a celebration of life – and a call to action to help save lives from gunfire. June 2 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and 2016 is going to be the biggest year yet.

Wear Orange was created to make it easier for people to show their support for common sense solutions that will save lives. If you believe there’s more we can do to help end gun violence, wear orange on June 2nd. But don’t stop there. Explore events and ways to get your community involved in the movement. Gather with friends and family at a landmark and share an orange selfie. Get involved with and support our partners, which do the hard work of saving lives from gun violence 365 days a year. Be creative. Be loud. Wear Orange. Learn more at

Locally, Ridgefield residents Anita Donofrio and Gail Lehmann, both of whom became active in gun violence prevention after the Sandy Hook tragedy, have organized an orange ribbon display, deploying teams of kids from the Ridgefield Boys and Girls Club to tie the ribbons on lampposts in downtown Ridgefield on Wednesday June 1. On Thursday, there will be an “Orange Walk” procession and rally Thursday evening in Newtown — click for details.