Nominations & Elections

This information page is provided for the benefit of the general public and for individuals interested in running for office or assisting others in running for office. This page is updated from time to time as new information is published by state or town officials.

Although we strive for accuracy, the summary information presented here is unofficial, based solely on a layperson’s understanding of the governing statutes. Please contact or consult the websites of the Town Clerk or the Secretary of the State for official, authoritative information and guidance.

Unofficial 2019 Caucus, Primary & Election Calendar

The Town Clerk of Ridgefield will officially determine and announce all dates pursuant to formulae set forth in state law. The dates below are Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee’s estimates based on our layperson’s reading of the statutes:

  • July 16 - 23, 2019: Town Party Caucus (on or between the 49th and 56th days prior to Primary date)
  • Aug 7, 2019: Party Primary Petition Deadline (34 days prior to Primary date)
  • Sept 10, 2019: Party Primary (56 days prior to General Election, if required)
  • November 5, 2019: General Election

Democratic Town Committee recruiting, vetting and endorsement:

  • The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) continuously recruits and vets potential candidates (including incumbents wishing to run for reelection) for nomination to elective offices.
  • During late winter/early spring of each election year, after having interviewed and vetted interested individuals (by the entire DTC or by subcommittee), the DTC deliberates and endorses one or more individuals for nomination to each office or board (the number depending on the number of seats Democrats are permitted to contest).
  • To be considered for DTC endorsement, please email DTC Recruiting with your statement of interest, description of qualifications or resume, and the office(s) for which you wish to be considered.

Democratic Town Caucus:

  • The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) will conduct a Democratic Town Caucus on a date as specified in state law.
  • All Ridgefield-registered Democrats are eligible to attend and vote to nominate candidates for the November ballot.
  • The DTC will present and propose its vetted and endorsed slate of potential candidates for nomination by the caucus.
  • Other potential candidates may be proposed from the floor by any Town Caucus attendee.
  • Once all proposed candidates (both those endorsed by the DTC and those proposed from the floor) are identified, the assembled caucus attendees will vote to nominate candidates to appear on the Democratic line on the November ballot. To win nomination, a proposed candidate must win a majority of votes cast.

Party Primary: A local party primary may be conducted after the Town Caucus if certain statutory conditions are met. Parties interested in a primary should contact the Town Clerk or the Secretary of the State for guidance.

Unofficial List of Seats Up for Election in November 2019:

First Selectman4 years13
Board of Selectmen4 years4
Town Clerk4 years11
Tax Collector4 years11
Town Treasurer4 years11
Board of Finance4 years32
Board of Education4 years52
Planning & Zoning Commission4 years43
Inland Wetlands Board4 years45
2 years3
Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)1 year (starts 11/2019)12
5 years (starts 11/2019)1
5 years (starts 11/2020)1
ZBA Alternate1 year (starts 11/2019)13
5 years (starts 11/2019)1
5 years (starts 11/2020)1
Board of Assessment Appeals4 years11
2 years1
Board of Police Commissioners4 years23
2 years1

* State law and the Town Charter set limits on the number of seats that can be held by members of the same political party on a given local board, hence Democrats may be prohibited from winning every seat up for election on every board.