Reporting, Not Distorting

Republican State Representative John Frey recently accused the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”) and its Chair of engaging in “distortions,” “personal, polarizing attacks,” and “non-factual, twisted campaign rhetoric.” All the accusations are untrue.

Representative Frey’s accusations relate to five short DTC-published articles that report, refute, or question Representative Frey’s record/actions. The articles are well-sourced, verified, and fact-checked.

Representative Frey and his surrogates often respond to critiques of his record/actions with accusations. But they have never identified a specific DTC-published claim they dispute. They have never offered evidence that any claim is false or misleading. They have never responded to the substance of any claim or question. Instead they baselessly accused.

Ridgefielders can quickly and easily confirm the accuracy and fairness of the DTC-published articles and the hollowness of Representative Frey’s accusations by spending just a few minutes reading the articles and comparing them to Representative Frey’s responses.

For your convenience, all five articles are gathered below in order of publication date (oldest to newest). Simply click on the title of an article to read it; click the button at the end of each article to return to this page, and then click the next article title.