Ridgefield Democrats Condemn Insurrectionists

January 6, 2021 — The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee condemns the appalling insurrection activities that breached and desecrated our nation’s Capitol building this afternoon. This insurrection, overtly encouraged by prominent political leaders and tacitly condoned by others’ silence, attacked the most important constitutionally mandated activity of our country: electoral democracy.  

The insurrectionists will not derail the Congress’s business of formalizing the vote for the next President and Vice President. They will not end our democracy.  

Never have our responsibilities, whether as citizens or elected leaders, been clearer: First, to condemn the insurrectionists; second, to uphold the electoral process and protections against authoritarianism established in the U.S. Constitution; and third, to make our political institutions at the local, state and national level work for all. 

As we saw in today’s insurrectionist activities, straying from these bedrock principles of our democracy has tragic consequences. May January 6, 2021, serve to focus everyone in America, in our state, and here in Ridgefield on preventing their recurrence.

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