Rudy and Team

The voters spoke loudly when they elected the entire Democratic team on November 3rd.  Thank you!

Democrats on the Board of Selectmen, Steve Zemo and Barbara Manners, Board of Finance officials Jessica Mancini, Dave Ulmer and Paul Sutherland and Board of Education members, Fran Walton, Karen Sulzinsky and Doug Silver are ready to begin their terms on November 17th knowing they have your endorsement, and that you value their leadership, experience and judgment.  You can count on them to have a broad view, and to work collaboratively for the town’s and schools’ benefit.

Your new Town Treasurer, Molly McGeehin, elected in a historic “ first time in 30-years” race is going to be a pro-active, and skilled contributor.  Access, professionalism, and added value from the Treasurer’s office are on her list of “things to do”.  Democrats on Planning and Zoning, Board of Assessment Appeals, Police Commission, ZBA are back on the job, serving us day after day.

It took years of dedicated leadership to make Ridgefield Connecticut’s #1 town. It will take a strong vision to keep it that way.  Rudy Marconi, our returning First Selectman has a vision for 2020. He needs your help to make it a reality.

Rudy believes we need to energize our downtown, from retail to pedestrian traffic.  We know that a vibrant downtown, with retail, playground, concerts, library, park, and recreation is a magnet for new home-buyers, families and seniors and a valuable resource for all. Traffic patterns and flow, as well as parking needs will need to be analyzed and improved.

As we head towards 2020 there are initiatives to be planned and implemented to revitalize Branchville.  The best use of the Schlumberger property will be debated, addressed and planned.  Our schools, town resources and infrastructure will have needs.  Challenges will arise—from the next mega storm, to the needs of an aging population as well as young families, to kids in crisis, neighborhood issues, and the potential creation of a world-class Maurice Sendak Museum.

At the helm, First Selectman Rudy Marconi sets the pace with his ability to listen and plan.  His leadership is proactive, strategic and successful.  Working for you and with you has been the hallmark of Rudy Marconi’s administration since his first election.  This will be a strength of his next administration.  Voters judged correctly that continuing the success of the past, meant electing a team with Rudy who will get it done for them.

Rudy Marconi and the Democratic team know that you entrusted to them the future of the town and your families.  You can count on them to earn that trust every day.

Susan D. Cocco is Chair of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee, which supplies this column.