She Made History!

HISTORIC! Tuesday, June 7, was a day long in coming.

Hillary Clinton became the first woman in United States history to be nominated as a major party’s candidate for president, when she clinched the Democratic Party nomination after decisive victories in the California, New Jersey and New Mexico primaries. Hillary’s achievement is but the latest in her long, distinguished career of service to the world and to progressive ideals.

It is encouraging to contemplate the progressive milestones America has enjoyed in just the last eight years: the nomination and election of Barack Obama, the first person of color to serve as President of the United States (“POTUS”), the achievement of marriage equality as the law of the land, the elevation of transgender awareness and rights in public discourse, and now the nomination — and come November the election — of Hillary Clinton as the first woman to serve as POTUS. The office of the POTUS was held for 220 consecutive years by 43 white men. It’s taken 220 years of struggle by generations, so that we may enjoy living in the era in which those 43 were succeeded first by a person of color and soon by a woman, and in an era in which the basic human dignity of so many who have historically been discriminated against and disregarded as “other”, is finally beginning to be recognized and safeguarded.

Just as President Obama’s nomination and election has not ended racism (indeed, the reactionary backlash of racists has arguably had the opposite short-term effect), so to Hillary Clinton’s election will not end sexism. But, these elections will spur and inspire continued progress toward the struggle for dignity and rights for all, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, social or economic class, or any of the other trivial factors that serve to divide or exclude on any basis other than the content of one’s character.

Hillary’s nomination is a great day for all America! Now is the time for all people of goodwill to unite and engage to elect her our next president, and to safeguard our nation, our world and the future from disastrously dangerous GOP candidates at every level.