138th District State Representative Kenneth Gucker

As I knock on area residents’ doors, I hear over and over how people need help dealing with all the problems that Covid-19 has brought. Many are having issues with navigating state services such as unemployment, DMV, social security ect. Our roles as lawmakers has evolved to doing all we can to help people come out well on the other side. If we have learned anything it is, we need to invest in making these services easer to access both in good times, and times like this. Going forward, we need to protect and help our small businesses recover as they have been paying the ultimate price. We need to continue to go after Eversourse and big utilities that believe in profits’ rather that service. There is no reason CT should have to pay the rates we do for the poor service we get. Lastly, we will need to help families stay healthy and be able to stay in their homes as many have lost their savings and their financial situations have taken a hit. As a community, coming out stronger, with our neighbors at our side is what we need to do but showing up is the first step.