State Senator Will Haskell

The most urgent issue facing Connecticut is the health of our residents and the strength of our economy. I’ve spent two years in Hartford fighting for transportation improvements, strategic  tax relief and workforce development. Here’s what I’ll do next:

First:  I will continue working hard to help out Main Street businesses. At the height of this pandemic, I fought for emergency no-interest and forgivable loans for small businesses that helped entrepreneurs weather this storm. Earlier this month, Connecticut rolled out another round of grants for businesses to meet payroll and re-open safely. 

Second:  When the pandemic hit, Connecticut faced shortages of PPE and other medical supplies when we needed them most. I’ll invest in a secure medical manufacturing supply chain that will produce PPE right here in Connecticut and create skilled jobs for Connecticut taxpayers.

Third:  With so many people losing their employer-provided health insurance, I’ll keep pushing for an affordable public health care option. Creating a public option would add competition into the marketplace and allow those who work for small businesses and nonprofits to buy into the same, high-quality health care that I enjoy as a member of the state legislature.