Successful Formula for Board of Finance

Ridgefield is in good shape financially.  We have enviable AAA bond ratings, a well-resourced fund balance (not too high, not too low, liked by the ratings agencies), stable revenue, grants for improvements, a well-managed town, moderate/stable tax rates, a plan for economic development, and a new equity theatre.  We have abatements and programs for senior citizens and veterans.  We have money in the rainy-day fund for local catastrophes, (such as Hurricanes Irma or Sandy).  Feels good, doesn’t it?

Why are we in the kind of financial condition your doctor would call “tip top”? Because for the past 6 years the Democratic majority on the Board of Finance (currently Ulmer, Mancini and Sean Connelly) have led with vision, skill and a willingness to collaborate with the Boards of Selectmen and Education. Not just for today but also for the long term.  For everybody, including seniors and empty-nesters, parents, businesses, entrepreneurs and new neighbors.

It’s vital to keep Ridgefield prospering and well-managed financially by re-electing incumbent Sean Connelly and electing Ridgefield native and business owner Amy Macartney Freidenrich to the Board of Finance on November 7.

Sean Connelly is in his first term. He is already making choices and decisions as a member of the Democratic majority on the Board of Finance.  He is a proven leader, a long-time coach for SCOR, triathlete, and parent of Ridgefield students. His deep community involvement is complimented by skills and experience from his “day job” in consulting where listening and balance is vital to success.  Not a career politician or a newcomer, he is invested in insuring our town and all of its citizens thrive.

Amy Macartney Freidenrich is a small businessperson and “daughter of Ridgefield” for the BOF.  Growing up with a Veteran’s Park teacher for a Mom and an IBM-er Dad, she returned to town to become the owner of Ross Bread, literally making the dough rise every day.  A local job-creator and creative entrepreneur, she’s turned the bakery into a showcase for young talent and outstanding product while balancing employee payroll, revenue, investment and expense. Small business is tough, but she does it well.  Her passion is to add to our quality of life and add opportunities for youth, families and seniors—not to add cost. Not a politician, she has proven business judgment and success, a forward thinking, fresh perspective and a unique view of Ridgefield as a native daughter.  She’ll be realistic and creative about getting the best bang for our dollars.

There are challenges and risks ahead for Ridgefield, like many of the towns in CT.  Democratic leadership of the Board of Finance has kept us in better shape than most towns. We want to stay that way. The Board of Finance is on the forefront of financial decisions and balancing the needs of every resident. Keep the success going.  We urge you to vote for Sean Connelly and Amy Macartney Freidenrich for BOF on November 7.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column.