Thank You Ridgefield!

Statement of Joe Shapiro, Chair, Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee (November 4, 2020)

Ridgefield Democrats are thrilled with the local election results. Democrats’ decisive clean sweep on Tuesday affirms that Democrats are deeply connected with the morals and interests of our town and its diverse citizens. We are deeply honored to be so trusted by our neighbors in this town we so love and will do our utmost to maintain and fulfill that trust. Democrats are immensely grateful for this overwhelming support and we thank all voters — without regard to how they voted — for conscientiously fulfilling our shared civic duty and privilege of voting.        

In electing Aimee Berger-Girvalo to the Connecticut House of Representatives for the 111th district, voters recognized her broad and deep familiarity with the issues affecting Ridgefielders, her well thought-through proposals for legislative action to mitigate our current crisis, and her commitment to respect the residents of Ridgefield.  Aimee’s intelligence and drive will make her a leader in Hartford, boosting Ridgefield’s impact on our state government.

State Senator Will Haskell achieved a tremendous reelection victory. In his one term in the State Senate, he has shown himself to be a remarkable leader on a broad array of issues affecting Ridgefield and the nearby towns he represents.  He has worked tirelessly and compassionately on behalf of his constituents and has delivered real results. The scale of his victory — both in Ridgefield and district-wide — reflected that.

138th district State Representative Ken Gucker, who represents northernmost Ridgefield as well as parts of Danbury and New Fairfield, was reelected by a wide margin after ousting an incumbent two years ago.  This year he won the Ridgefield voters in his district.  Ken Gucker has become well known in his district for tireless constituent services and for really representing the needs and views of the voters in his district.

At the Federal level, Ridgefield gave Congressman Jim Himes his largest victory margin ever in our town, contributing to his very strong reelection, and we are beyond gratified.  He is known widely as a member of Congress who crosses the aisle to get things done and who advocates strongly with the Democratic Party on issues where Democrats have taken the leading role in developing solutions.  

Most impressively, Democrats are overwhelmed by the degree to which the Biden/Harris ticket outpolled the GOP presidential ticket by 2 to 1 in our town.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are deeply aligned with Ridgefield’s morals, manners, and governing philosophy, as their vote total in Ridgefield so concretely demonstrated.

Thank you Ridgefield!