Today is the Day

Every day I think it’s going to get better in Hartford. That elected officials will get past partisan voting and loyalties. That office holders will represent all of us, not just their friends and business associates.

That we’ll make the commitment to fix our finances, without rewarding a few and compromising many. That protecting seniors, healthcare, and women is vital. Every day I believe we’ll make it safer in our schools and communities. That students will get a college education and begin their lives free of crushing debt. That their talent and ideas will be welcomed in Connecticut, including here in Ridgefield.

I think about the need for officials who will make the right investments for Connecticut and collaborate with leaders such as First Selectman Rudy Marconi, to ensure our town is fairly represented, not unduly burdened. And that the hard work of getting it right in Connecticut means doing more than showing up. It means doing more to show results.

I realized that we weren’t going to get better from Hartford unless someone made a commitment to do it. I realized that person was me. That’s when I decided to run for State Representative for Ridgefield (111th district, town-wide).

My mother was a Vietnam-era US Army nurse. She taught me that hard work, commitment, and perseverance were essential to doing anything worthwhile. She brought me to community meetings, took me to the voting booth, and instilled the values of getting involved and getting things done. This is how I live my life today. It is how I will represent Ridgefield if you elect me to be your State Representative.

My career with international corporations includes work with corporate training departments to develop best practices for staff and business management. I have experience with labor, P&Ls, and customer service as well as with achieving growth. After seven years as an at-home mom, I enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and earned a BA in Developmental Disability Advocacy. My children’s support of my career change forced me to banish the phrase, I can’t, from my vocabulary. Today, I am a Special Education Para-educator at the Ridgebury Elementary School.

I settled in Ridgefield 13 years ago. My family, two children (and three dogs!), are active within our schools and the community. I’ve volunteered for 11 years as the director and coach of the Holland League of the Soccer Club, resurrecting the program which gives children with special needs the opportunity to play a team sport.

Every day I will work to make it better in Ridgefield and Connecticut. Being your State Representative will not be a career for me. It will be my mission. I hope to speak with you at meetings, on your doorstep, at events, and by phone throughout this campaign. I want your thoughts. And I’d like to earn your vote as the next State Representative from the 111th in November.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column.