Today’s Ridgefield


For almost 13 years, I’ve called Ridgefield home. But it’s also much more to me.  I feel Ridgefield is a community to which I have responsibility as a mother, a Special Education paraeducator, a soccer volunteer, a citizen and a community leader.  For me that doesn’t mean concentrating just on what happens within our town. It means looking at how government, particularly our CT State government, affects us all here at home.  It means getting involved with the big social issues that impact our lives.  It means doing what’s right, not what’s easy.

I grew up in Ossining, NY, lived in Boston, and chose Ridgefield to raise my children close to family. After a twenty-year break, I recently returned to college and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I received my BA in Developmental Disability Advocacy. The support I received from my family and friends while I juggled school, full-time work at Ridgebury and managing our home, was invaluable, and made the impossible possible. But the encouragement I found most inspiring was that of my children and their dad. When I told them my plan to go back to college, I explained to them it would be hard for all of us, but I would ease the burden for them as much as I could. Seeing their pride as I pursued the thing I most desired was a tremendous boost for me, and it reminded me how we’ve always taught them “I can’t” isn’t in our vocabulary.

People who know me understand that when I see changes that are necessary I commit to action and I do not stop until the work is done. That’s why I’ve decided to explore State office, including that of State Representative.

We are facing many changes and challenges in Connecticut. We need ideas based on life in 2018 and beyond. Let’s keep what works, but let’s fix what doesn’t. In twenty years, the needs of Ridgefield and Connecticut have changed. We have more diversity, more women working outside the home, a dramatically changed economy, and our kids — even our youngest children – are routinely exposed to dangers that we thought unimaginable 20 years ago. We have to govern and grow Connecticut for today.

I believe it is important that elected officials are accessible, and actively engaged with all of Ridgefield; from the students who organized the National School Walkout, to parents and seniors, homeowners, small business owners and the hourly wage workers employed by those businesses.

Today’s Ridgefield deserves to be heard and to have a voice in Hartford. We need someone who’s willing to be open to hearing all the good people of this town. I am looking forward to finding out more about you and your ideas for the future. Talk to me. I’m listening.

The Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee provides this column.