Vote Democratic on Tuesday, Nov. 8

We recommend the entire Democratic slate in the election on November 8th, not just because the candidates are Democrats, but because they have the skills, experience, judgment, and temperament to serve in the offices they’re running for.

Joe Dowdell, the Democratic candidate for the 111th Assembly District (Ridgefield south of George Washington Highway), and Jeff Tomchik, the Democratic candidate for the 138th  Assembly District (Ridgefield north of George Washington Highway) are young, bright, and energetic.  Both are focused on reducing Connecticut’s cost of living while enhancing Connecticut’s nation-leading standard of living.   In addition, both have been endorsed as gun safety champions by Connecticut Against Gun Violence, a non-partisan public safety advocacy group.

Joe Dowdell, a professional Electrical Engineer, has the creativity, innovative spirit, and pragmatism required to solve problems and capitalize on new opportunities.  Joe will work to improve the efficiency and sustainability of both our public infrastructure and our public finances.

Jeff Tomchik, a Marine, decorated firefighter and EMT, is a proven leader who has fought for our country and for our community.  In his role representing Danbury Professional Firefighters, he helped to develop legislation that protects firefighters without burdening municipal finances.  Jeff will bring this same win-win governing philosophy to Hartford.

Sharon Wicks Dornfeld, the Democratic candidate for judge of the Northern Fairfield Probate District, will continue the high standards and integrity of the retiring Judge Joe Egan.  Sharon has practiced for than 30 years in the Connecticut Probate, Superior, Appellate and Supreme courts, usually as an appointed agent of the court to represent children in guardianship, custody, neglect, abuse, termination of parental rights and adoption matters, to serve as conservator for elderly, disabled, and mentally ill people, or to serve as a fiduciary of trusts and estates.  Recognizing her expertise, the legal community elected Sharon President of the Greater Danbury Bar Association and Chair of the Family Law Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.  Sharon has served on Town-chartered commissions and committees and in leadership positions with numerous community organizations.

Carolanne Curry, the Democratic candidate for the 26th State Senate district, is an area treasure with a vast and impressive resume of leadership in both the public and private sectors.  Carolanne combines common sense and hands-on experience with independence and the courage to undertake bold action.

Congressman Jim Himes is a progressive champion willing to take a stand for what is right.  He is fighting for a safer, cleaner, more just future for Connecticut’s children.  In his four terms as our congressman, Jim has proven himself an outstanding legislator and leader, serving Ridgefield and the entire 4th Congressional district.

US Senator Richard Blumenthal is a paragon of public service who has worked tirelessly for the people of Connecticut as Attorney General for 20 years and as our Senator for the last six. Dick’s energy, enthusiasm, intellect, and passion are matched only by his stature as a champion of good government.

At the top of the ticket we have Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate in 2000 and again in 2006.  She was named to the office of Secretary of State in 2009.  She served with distinction in both of those roles, and her service to our country and the world, especially to the most vulnerable among us, has been her life’s work.  Tim Kaine has served as Mayor of Richmond, Lieutenant Governor, and then Governor of Virginia.  He’s currently a US Senator from Virginia and our candidate for Vice President.

Vote for the Democratic team on November 8th.

Tom Madden is Chairman of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee, which provides this column.